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About The Six Cats Foundation:

The 6 Cats Foundation is a charity dedicated to saving the lives of stray cats on the Costa del Sol, southern Spain. As the cats are found, they are taken in and given a home, medical attention as well as the love and care they deserve.

Started by Ciska Granier after noticing the high numbers of stray cats scattered around the urbanisations and towns on the coast, The Six Cats Foundation is a family-run charity, with the cats being cared for by the Granier family. Unfortunately, stray cats are an increasing problem on the Costa del Sol. Many cat owners don't get their cats fixed, leading to many unwanted litters, which are more often than not left in or near to communities to fend for themselves. These stray kittens are vulnerable and scared.



Due to the poor condition of the cats as they arrive, the vetinary bills become quite expensive, so the 6 Cats Foundation asks for your generosity in donating to help these poor creatures get back to health and start leading a more comfortable life. With just a small donation, the cats can be given vital medications to improve their health and well-being.



The cats are fed and well looked after, and the time for doing so is kindly donated by the 6 Cats Foundation founder, Ciska Granier and her family. Without the help of the 6 Cats Foundation, many of these cats would simply not survive as the dangers they face of cars, construction work and stray dogs are all around, not to mention the scarcity of food.




We hope you understand the plight of these poor creatures. We do. Please visit our donations page and help give these poor cats a better life.



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